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The ideal life method


The Ideal Life Method is an 8-week program that includes a one-on-one consultation, weekly group coaching sessions, assignments, resources, post-program accountability group. We will be moving through these weekly modules together: 


Pre-work: Clarity

Most of us race through the day trying to get as many things done as we can.  Yes, we’re busy, but are we creating a life we love with happiness, health, great relationships and a fulfilling career?  In this pre-work, you’ll jump off of the hamster wheel, quiet the distractions, and come face to face with where you are right now (without judgment) so that you can decide if it’s truly where you want to be—or if there’s more for you.


Module 1: The Ideal

We create what we focus on. If you’re focused on surviving your everyday struggles, you’ll always be in survival mode.  If you want to thrive, it’s time to focus on—and create—your ideal life.  In this module, you’ll paint a vivid picture of your ideal health, body, relationships, environment and career.  This clear vision will be the rocket fuel for thriving, and it’ll help you adopt the impactful tools and strategies that you can rely on for the rest of your life.


Module 2: Fueling for Success

You’re able to run, jump, play, love and work because you have a body: it’s the one and only engine you’ll have for the rest of your life.  The quality of your experiences relies on how you care for it.  In this module, you’ll learn how to nourish your body with the type of food it was designed to thrive on, giving you the energy and clear-mindedness to live your ideal life.


Module 3: Mindset

Your mind and body are intricately linked to create the experiences you’re having.  Just as you need the proper food to fuel your life, you also need empowering thoughts and beliefs to thrive.  Your mindset is an energy.  Energy creates energy.  Fear creates fear.  Abundance creates abundance.  Many of us don’t know how to shift our mindset to create exactly what we want in life.  In this module, you’ll learn an entirely new process for creating and enjoying the health, happiness, love and success you desire.


Module 4: Relationships

Personal and professional relationships are the joy and sweetness of life.  The relationship you have with yourself drives how you treat and react to others, which makes it the most important relationship you're in.  In this module, you’ll learn how to make yourself a priority and decode the lessons that are coming up in your relationships so that you can feel deeper and more peaceful connections.


Module 5: Judgment 

Judgment is the reference point you have been taught over the years to discern good/bad, right/wrong, safe/not safe.  These judgments are based on your perception of the world, which has been formed by your experiences, societal beliefs and family beliefs.  Judgment of yourself and others can prevent you from living your ideal.  In this module, you will identify what you value, what you perceive and how to shift judgment from something that limits you to something that serves you so that you can be free to choose how you show up in the world to live your ideal.


Module 6: Fear

Fear is perception.  It just is, but it isn’t the truth. F ear comes from practicing the limiting belief that something has power over you.  It now lives in your subconscious mind and directs what you do and don’t do.  When it keeps you safe from harm, it feels helpful.  When it keeps you from living your ideal life, it does not.  It’s time to identify and release the fears that hold you back from optimal health, happiness and success.


Module 7: Money Habits for Freedom 

While most of us crave financial freedom, most feel limited and trapped by money.  True freedom comes from identifying and releasing your money blocks and developing the skills, mindset and daily habits to enjoy a responsible relationship with money.  Once you understand the practical tools, it’s easy to feel confident that you can have the lifestyle you desire! 


Module 8: Framework For Thriving

Now that we’ve explored and developed the vision, mindset, and skills to create your ideal life, it’s time to make it real! In this module you’ll get crystal clear about the daily habits and activities that make a measurable difference in your life. We will focus on creating a framework that aligns with your priorities.  With the support of this framework, you will be set up to create and thrive in your ideal life with ease and confidence.  


In our final week, we carefully mine for the extra hidden gems in all you’ve learned throughout the program.  With your framework for thriving in place to bring it all together, you are ready to practice and be held accountable for next steps in our Accountability Group!

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Are you in? Have questions? Not sure if The Ideal Life Method is right for you? Let's talk.


I'd love to hop on a call with you to understand where you are with your health and happiness, and explore how the Ideal Life Method can help.  

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