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About Ellen

Professional Background

  • Certified Holistic Health + Life Coach



  • Workshops include: From Overwhelm to Ease, Ideal Life Design, Food as Medicine, Create Your Ideal Year, Mindfulness, Get Unstuck.

  • Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC 

  • Former Sales and Marketing Exec at CIGNA Heath Care

  • Co-founder of Healing Meals Community Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to youth development andt providing  organic meals to people experiencing a health crisis 

What I Do

I’m a Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach passionately guiding and speaking since 2008. 


My Clients

I work with professionals, entrepreneurs and young adults to reach their fullest potential and create their ideal life.


What I Believe In 

I believe the body, mind and spirit are intricately linked for our happiness and well-being... and that lasting success comes from practicing simple yet powerful daily habits in all of these areas to support who we uniquely are. This is the basis of my Ideal Life Method, the program I founded that has helped thousands of people get unstuck, feel great and thrive.


My Style

Positive, approachable and hands-on: I teach all of my programs personally. Group sessions are kept intentionally small and participants for each group are carefully matched. Everything live, nothing pre-recorded!


On the Personal Side

You can find me outdoors running, walking and hiking. I love to travel … bonus points for finding organic green juice or good artisan blanco tequila on the journey!

My Story


When I was a kid, my nickname was “ears”. This was given to me because I loved to listen. Other kids would play outside; I’d sit in the house for hours because I didn’t want to miss a word the adults were saying.


I was super sensitive. I felt things really deeply. I was a worrier.


All of this emotional intensity created a heap of health issues as I grew into a young woman. Stomach problems, food allergies, headaches, seizures, hormone imbalance and depression – I had them all. I went to doctors, took prescriptions, and had too many procedures and surgeries to count. I suffered. But what else could I do? 


As an adult, I forged ahead with my passion for business in an exciting corporate career with a Fortune 500 company.  It was all going well professionally, but the fast-track lifestyle took its toll: I was told I might not be able to have kids unless I got off the road and found a less stressful career.


We were fortunate to have our first son a year later, but he was born with a serious digestive condition. Having battled my own health issues all my life, this was a wake-up call for me to finally get at the root of what would help us both heal.  After so many failed attempts

to correct our issues with Western medicine, I immersed myself in studying alternative and functional medicine at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC. I wanted to find answers, and it’s there that I uncovered the diet and lifestyle changes that would heal

us both. 


Through this whole process, I found my life’s true purpose: to help others get well, too. That’s when I formed Ellen Palmer Wellness.


While my clients and I were feeling better physically, emotional issues kept pulling us back. Over the next eight years, I immersed myself in learning the science of mindfulness and emotional intelligence through courses with key thought leaders and scientific research. I came to understand that the body, mind and spirit are intricately linked for our overall well-being and happiness. And success comes from practicing simple yet powerful daily habits in all of these areas to support who we uniquely are.  This is the basis of my Ideal Life Method. 


I’ve since helped thousands of people transform their busy lives, take control of their health and happiness, and develop the skills to create lasting change.


I’d love to work with you on creating your Ideal Life.


Get to Know Me

Learn more about my story and my unique approach to wellness in this short excerpt from my conversation with Louie Michaelson of Business Talk Radio.

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