THE 14 day detox

Clean up your diet, change your daily habits and reduce the toxic load in your body

Did you know that detoxifying with clean food and plant-based herbal supplements is a natural process that has been used for centuries to help people look and feel their best? 


It provides relief from symptoms, clears your foggy mind, jump starts your weight loss and introduces you to healthy habits that provide improved energy.


Whether you are trying to lose weight and inches, kick your cravings for sugar, caffeine and alcohol, or take control of lingering headaches, skin breakouts or digestive issues, this proven 14-Day Detox is the fastest, most effective way to reset to wellness.

Fast Track Your Results

It’s the perfect time to detox to :


  • Drop those extra pounds

  • Curb stubborn cravings

  • Find your mojo to get back into and stick with your workout routine

  • Boost your energy

  • and minimize those day to day symptoms

What is a detox?

  • A simple and easy way to help your body get rid of fat, harmful chemicals and toxins that come in through the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe and what is absorbed through your skin.

  • Eating simple, nutritious and delicious foods that are easy to digest

  • Helping your body deeply cleanse with a few specific natural supplements

Doing a detox does not mean...

  • That you don’t eat for 14 days

  • That you are in the bathroom eliminating toxins for 14 days

  • That it will be the hardest thing you’ve ever done

How does the 14-day detox work?

  1. Meet with Ellen for a one on one kickoff call

  2. Review the introductory email and waiver

  3. Receive your detox kit in the mail with all the necessary materials

  4. Simply follow the easy step by step instructions, shopping list, menu plan, and calendar which are conveniently delivered to you via email

  5. Throughout the 14 days, eat the recommended, nutritionally balanced, “clean” foods from the menu plan with recipes

  6. Take the all natural supplements that will come in your kit according to the schedule that is provided

  7. Exercise moderately throughout the 14 days

  8. Have more energy and motivation, cut cravings, and lose weight and inches.

How do we support you?

  • We provide a complimentary phone health consultation

  • We provide a complete 14-Day Detox kit with informational emails, a thorough schedule to follow, menu plan, supplements, grocery list, and recipes to support you throughout the detox and beyond

  • We offer extra check in calls throughout the detox to check progress, answer questions and support you

  • We provide you with additional information to help you maintain your results and healthy habits after your program

What does it cost?

The 14 Day Detox program is $295 for one, or $275 when you join with a friend.

What's included?

  • Health consultation

  • Easy to follow schedule, shopping list, information about healthy food choices, menu plans, recipes, and other materials that support your commitment to good health and conscious living delivered to you via email

  • Detox kit with natural, plant based, gluten-free supplements

  • Extra support calls

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