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Now is the Time to Shift Your Beliefs for Breakthroughs

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

When something comes across my consciousness twice, I know that it's important and that I need to personally pay attention. And when it comes across three times, I know that I'm supposed to share with others. So when this important message came across six different times in one day of coaching, it felt immediate, so here I am to share!

I feel fortunate that I get to help people create their ideal health, happiness, relationships and career. It’s fascinating to me when people think that it's the wrong time, or that it's selfish for them to want the ideal for themselves.

It didn't matter today if I was working with someone with a very specific health-related concern, or talking with a new potential client who's been struggling for a couple of years with anxiety, or working with an existing executive coaching client who's weighing their next big deal, they were all questioning if now was the right time to breakthrough. Some felt guilty for wanting to focus on themselves when there is so much going on in the world. Another felt like they didn’t deserve to feel better now because they lacked motivation to stick with things in the past, and yet another thought they would be judged harshly if they got to the next level in their career now at a young age.

I cannot say this enough:

When you have a vision for your ideal—health, relationships, career, community or what you want for our planet or what you want in terms of justice—there is no better time than right now, in this moment, to go after it. It is absolutely for you. There is no better time. Everyone in your world wins when you are living your full life.

Our thoughts create our beliefs which create our lives. If you repeatedly think that you don’t deserve something, you convince yourself you don’t and consequently will stop short of achieving what it is that you want.

We think we are fearful of success or failure or that it’s not our time, but really, we have a belief issue. If you think repeatedly that you are selfish for wanting more, eventually you believe it and you won’t have what you want. If you believe this isn’t the right time to break through because it’s inconvenient or showy, then you won’t break through.


  • When you come into your truth of what you want, whatever that is, whenever that is, that's the perfect time to create it, to see it manifest, to receive it, to achieve it. Things are lining up for you.

  • When you are making yourself a priority and you're coming into the fullness of who you are, mind, body, spirit, everyone wins. Every single person wins.

  • The collective energy of our community rises when you rise.

  • Your family rises when you rise.

  • Your relationships rise when you rise.

Yes, it might be inconvenient to grow, but isn't it less convenient to be in the pain and suffering of not growing?

There's no judgment—answer that question however it relates to you, but don't not do it because you don't think it's for you or the wrong time. The only time we are given is now.


It’s time to understand what you believe about yourself and what you believe you deserve. Our mind and body are designed to keep us safe in what is familiar to us. It can feel dangerous to our personal survival to step outside our safe zone so our default is sticking with what’s familiar. We don’t even realize we’re doing it!

If you're not breaking through to where you want to be in your health, relationships, career, community or anything else you desire, it may be because you believe it’s safer to be where you are. You are only familiar with your current circumstances and you're familiar with not having what you want. It’s ok.

To grow and break through old patterns to new successes, it’s time to become familiar with having what you want. Whether it's your ideal weight, your ideal health, your relationships, your community, your career, start becoming familiar with what the ideal would be.

Normalize success. Normalize achievement. Normalize the ideal. Become familiar with the daydream of what everything will feel like when you have accomplished your dream or desire or goal. Then it becomes more familiar and then that becomes the default that you stay in.

A good example is someone struggling with lifelong weight issues. They lose weight but fall back into old habits because they are only familiar with how to lose weight, not how to stay slim.

Another example is someone who has lived paycheck-to-paycheck who wins the lottery. They most likely will be back living paycheck-to-paycheck within 3-5 years because they're familiar with having money come in and money and go out. They're not familiar with saving or investing so they default to old ways.

You can apply this anywhere in your life.

Basic concept: All of what you want for yourself and your community, if it's coming from a loving place, is for you, and everyone wins when you achieve it.

If you are in a pattern of not being able to break through or not having what you want, it's simply because you may not believe it’s for you which you can redirect with powerful words and pictures of the ideal.

Practice every day being excited to have what it is that you want. Practice being really happy about the fact that you have the awareness that it is for you, and then it's just time to experience it in your life now. and invite it into your life.

So that's my public service announcement for today, and I know it's for me too. I'm breaking through in a whole bunch of different places at once, and it's thrilling. It's exciting. And if it's for me I know that it's to help everyone that's in my world as well.

I hope this is helpful for you. If there's any way I can help you break through, I'm happy to. I always offer a complimentary consultation, and you can check that out at


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