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How to Set Meaningful Goals That Stick for 2024

Updated: Jan 11

There is so much pressure this time of year to change your life.  It can feel overwhelming!  Forget New Year's resolutions that fade in February! Instead, focus on getting clear about what matters most to you and then creating meaningful goals that actually stick to create the life you desire.   Here’s how:

1. Find Your Spark:

Life has so much to offer and there are many distractions.  Quiet the noise and ask yourself “what lights ME up? What do I want to be able to do or experience?” And then ask, “What’s holding me back?”  Conquering that obstacle becomes your goal.  Not because you are broken and need fixing. Because you GET to create what you want to experience.   You will stick with it if you are really excited about it so be sure to figure out what really matters most to YOU (not what somebody else wants). 

2. Take it One Step at a Time

I know it can be tempting to try and tackle everything at once. But, studies have shown that our brains love a focused approach—if you want your meaningful goals to stick, start by focusing on just ONE goal first. Rather than 15 things you want to complete by the end of January, what is the ONE thing you’d like to accomplish this month, or this year? 

3. Rewrite the Narrative

Those internal stories we tell ourselves about our ability to achieve our goals, deeply impact our ability to succeed. And when that narrative says, “I can’t,” or we focus too much on the barriers standing in our way, those internal stories and beliefs become self-limiting gatekeepers, preventing us from having what we want.. 

So, forget the stories you’ve told yourself in the past. Instead… Choose a new story. Right now. We create what we focus on so choose to focus on success and be the person who has already accomplished your goal: 

I am the person who is physically fit.  

I am the person who saves money. 

I am the person who eats healthy food.  

You won’t believe how quickly your behaviors start to shift as your story of yourself shifts.  

4. Momentum, Not Motivation

Momentum is action that builds on itself and takes you further faster.  Motivation, on the other hand, is a feeling that requires you to feel a certain way in order to get something done. It is unreliable and unfortunately, will not drag you off the couch if you are tired, bored or the weather is bad.  Accomplishing your goal requires momentum, not motivation. 

Bypass the motivation trap by doing one small thing each day that builds momentum towards having what you want. That momentum works like dominoes. It will set everything into motion so that it takes less energy to continue on the path to accomplishing your goal.  

5. Celebrate Your Wins

We are more likely to stick with something we feel good about, so it is very important to take time to notice and celebrate your wins and hard work. Each step forward, each hurdle cleared, is a victory, and all of your victories deserve to be acknowledged. 

Create a success journal that you write in every day and enjoy small celebrations that align with your goal.  These fuel your excitement and keep your momentum and commitment going every single day.

Remember, you create what you focus on. I believe we are all capable of accomplishing milestones, changing our habits, and turning them into choices that make us feel great every day! Let's focus on setting meaningful goals in a loving way that stick….making 2024 the year you begin living your ideal life! 

Want help identifying your priorities? Need some extra support to set sticky goals or rewrite your narrative? I am available for consultations and would love to work with you. Let's chat!

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