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Cultivating Gratitude

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

The simple act of being grateful is one of the most effective strategies for improving your health, happiness and success.  

Taking the time to notice what is already going well in your life helps you shift your perspective and your mood. It also gives you the momentum to create new habits for lasting change.

It's brilliantly simple. It's effective beyond measure. Yet, it can be one of the hardest things to do. Here's why:

1. It seems too easy to be effective so it gets overlooked for other more familiar strategies.

2. You're busy. Even though you feel better when you notice what's good around you, it isn't a priority so it doesn't make it onto your calendar each day.

3. It's hard to feel grateful when you don't feel well, are stressed or frustrated. We've all been there! That's exactly when it works the best. Let the energy of gratitude for what is going well pull you out of the quicksand of what isn't.

A 5 minute daily morning gratitude practice can provide the perspective and momentum to have a great day.

I invite you to slow down, reflect on the abundant gifts you uniquely have within you, and share them generously with all you encounter. You are amazing. The world needs your brand of you.


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