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How to Clear Anxiety by Shifting Your Energy

Everything is energy... Coffee Love Laptops Friendships Light Sailboats... So too are your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. They’re all just energies vibrating at a different frequency. Quarks, the smallest particles of life, don’t even have physical structure…just spinning and rotating energy. This is science; Quantum Physics, discovered and evolving since the late 1800’s, cracks the code on our happiness. Wait....What do frequencies and Quarks have to do with our happiness? Anxiety is also energy. Although it produces physical reactions within your body, it’s an energy you feel within, which effects your happiness. The energy from the things you see, feel, hear, smell and touch create the energy you carry and the experiences you have. Words, the news, music, intense conversations, and peaceful hikes all impact your energy. The energy from negative self-talk, worry about the future, and judgment about the past creates stress energy and anxiety within you. Many of us consistently practice life in this type of energy, which produces more anxious experiences. Where does it end?!! How can you break the cycle of worry and anxiety to accomplish your dreams and feel great in your life? I've asked myself these same questions. Here are some of the strategies I’ve learned from managing my anxiety along the way: Externally: Get real about the energy you are exposed to and choose to consume each day.

  1. Literally make a list of: a. Activities that bring you peace and support the life you want (more of this please) b. The types of words you hear everyday that are harsh or intense, and where you hear them: in the news, the music you are listening to, key relationships. c. What foods and drinks cause you to feel jacked up or exhausted? d. What foods and drinks don’t disrupt your energy?

  2. Ask yourself what 1 thing you are willing to actively change (a-d above) to feel less anxious and more peaceful.

  3. Make time for that 1 thing every single day for 21 days and practice it with gratitude for what it will create for you. Maybe you’ll be giving up a food that sets your body off, or will watch less intense TV, or listen to less intense music. OR maybe you’ll do more of the thing you love like get outside in nature as I now do everyday with 7am hikes..snow, sleet or freezing rain, I'm out there and loving it.

Internally: The energy you are in is the energy you are creating more of. In other words, worry creates worry. Joy creates joy. Anxiety creates anxiety.

Now that you know what external factors are impacting you, it’s time to take control of the energy inside your body to dial down anxiety when it crops up.

  1. Remind yourself that if anxiety is just energy, you get to choose the energy you would rather be in…. why not choose joy from all the other energies on the list? This alone has helped me in profound ways... knowing you have choice is a powerful way to get grounded.

  2. Practice peace by being present… we are mostly anxious because we are trying to solve something from the past or control something in the future, both of which are impossible. When you feel anxious, press your hands together, rub them together several times, feel the heat and friction as a way to focus your energy on being ok right now.

  3. Then say something nice to yourself. Dig deep if you have to, but find an authentic compliment that you will allow yourself to believe. This boosts you to a higher frequency of happiness which pulls you out of anxiety. So simple, so powerful. I've literally felt a surge of positive energy after doing this for myself.

These are but a few strategies. There are tons more, but ultimately…the mantra to practice is “I choose the energy I want to be in and create from.” Life gets easier the more you practice turning down the intense harsh energies and turning up the volume on kindness to yourself. It starts within, and ripples out to everyone else.


Are you ready to enjoy the health and happiness you've always wanted? I'm here to help you create your ideal life, one step at a time. Reserve your complimentary consultation today to explore what's possible for you!

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