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Enjoy the Simple Things

Updated: Apr 2, 2020


Now more than ever, enjoy the simple things that bring you peace, which calms your nervous system and boosts your immune system. Here are some different ways:

  • Breathe more deeply. When we are stressed, we breath shallowly and don’t get as much oxygen as we need to think clearly and thrive. Breathe deeply from your belly 3-5 times to instantly relax.

  • To get out of your head, practice loving kindness by doing at least one good deed for someone else each day

  • Listen to music ~ it can lower your blood pressure and give you a sense of peace and fun

  • Sing your favorite songs or make them up as you go… trust me on this one ~ you don’t need to be pitch perfect! 

  • Play an instrument if you know how.  If not, now is a good time to start watching some “how to” videos on Youtube.

  • Read inspiring books, poems, and magazines

  • Draw, color, paint or get crafty. Click here for free downloadable pages to color.

  • Play a board or card game in a safe social distancing way

  • Play outside when you can…practice your golf swing, ride your bike, swing a racquet, toss the ball to your dog, kids, friends or neighbor

  • Journal about your favorite times or daydreams

  • Take a daily walk in nature. Slow down and notice the sights and smells.

  • Practice mindfulness by simply sitting in silence and listening to the noises in your home, yard, city or office

  • Make a list daily of experiences, people, places and things you are grateful for 

  • Take a nap

  • Meditate, either through guided meditation or in your individual style

  • Pray and have faith in what you believe

  • Take a trip to a virtual museum

  • Handwrite a note, card or letter and mail it the “old fashioned way,” with a stamp, to a friend, relative, healthcare worker, classmate, former coach, mentor or anyone else you’d like to surprise with a kind thought or funny story.  Everyone loves getting fun mail and the act of writing (not typing) creates new neuropathways in the brain. 

The objective is to balance the amount of time you are consuming news and worrying about things you can’t control with relaxing activities that you might not normally make time for. Some of us find our work relaxing and while that is a blessing, your body and mind need a break.  There is no time like the present to develop new self-care habits to boost your immune system and create a sense of ease for yourself and everyone around you.


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