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Harvest Your Life Lessons From 2019 To Create An Inspiring Fresh Start For 2020

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Learn a 5 step process that can help you make the most of 2019 so you can finally create and enjoy the balance, peace, health, success and connected relationships you want in 2020.

During this in-depth webinar, you'll learn:

  • Why you can't create lasting change on a shaky foundation of the same old thought, beliefs, habits and tools.

  • How all of the experiences we have come with lessons to make our journey easier and more fulfilling.

  • Why it's crucial to slow down to capture the wisdom in these lessons, and what happens if we don't (hint: more work)

  • A 5 step process to collect all the gems from 2019

Harvest Your Life Lessons From 2019 To Create An Inspiring Fresh Start For 2020

Watch now, or scroll down to read the text transcript:

Here’s the full text transcript if you prefer to read:

Thank you for joining me live, and if you are watching this as a recording later, thank you for making the time to tune in. Either way, you are making yourself a priority, which is the first step to creating or changing anything. You should consider yourself successful already!

If you are like most people I know and work with, you have a full life juggling priorities, solving daily problems and managing responsibilities. You may love it and thrive on crossing things off your list. I do too!!! BUT my guess is, if you’re taking time to tune in….you’re probably feeling like you’d also like a few things to be different….

  • maybe you’d like better balance or

  • better health or

  • more energy or

  • deeper connections in your relationships or

  • a more fulfilling career

  • or all of the above!!!

Wherever you are it’s great and important.

Lots of times we think that where we are is wrong or bad because we are uncomfortable or even suffering. It’s easy to go into this thinking that we should have done things differently or fear that we’ll make the same mistakes in the future so we stay stuck in the status quo… which feels safer.

It’s all ok. I believe we are always where we are perfectly meant to be on our path of learning.

Because we want things to be different, we can easily slide into “change it” mode. We just want to enlist our willpower and discipline to work harder to create what we want.

Especially this time of year, we get so excited about getting back on track in the new year ~ we have big goals and can’t wait to start accomplishing them. Me too! I’m as excited as you all are!

However, if I have learned anything over the course of my 52 years personally and professionally it’s that unless you employ this one skill I am going to teach you shortly, you are going to continue to work really, really, really hard to create tiny changes and most likely even those won’t be sustainable.

I don’t mean to be Debbie Downer…. I share that with you as a gift. Most people think they are broken, bad or have a character flaw because they can’t stick with healthy habits past the end of January, or stay committed to living a more balanced life when they need it most, like when they are stressed.

It’s all ok and there is for sure a better way.

To create meaningful, lasting change where you are clear about what you want and your life is set up to feel and experience it every day, regardless of how much time, money or energy you have, all starts with one very important activity.

It’s the most important step that everyone wants to skip over: Harvesting the lessons you’ve already learned and lay them down as a solid foundation from which to grow.

I believe that every single thing that we experience is a lesson to help us grow. Every tough time, every joy, every hard conversation, every laugh, every heartache, every worry, every ounce of vulnerability and insecurity. They are all a gift. They are all so important. They help us get clear about what matters to us. what we value.

SO, life isn’t happening to you… it’s happening for you!

You’ve already worked so very hard in life school this year!!! Now it’s time to reflect on what you learned and cash in on the lessons so you have a solid foundation to stand on to create the changes you want without having to work so very hard to do it…

Most people run into the new year trying to create change using their brute strength with the same mindset that hasn’t ever worked for them so they don’t end up having what they truly want.

It’s like painting a house without scraping the old, bubbly paint… when you’re done painting, it still doesn’t look the way you want it and it will crumble even faster.

There’s a better way using clarity, calm commitment and your powerful internal energy

Here’s how:

Step 1: Create space and time to come into the present moment. Block 1 hour on your calendar 3 times over the next few weeks.

  • Shut off your ringers & notifications and put away any other distractions.

  • Practice a simple breathing exercise where you close your eyes, breath in deeply for a count of 4, hold for 7 and exhale for a count of 8. You can do this 3 times.

Step 2: Remember that every experience is a gift to move you forward. Life is happening for you. If you need to write it down and practice the thought, please do.

Step 3: On a clean piece of paper write or in a new journal, in a free-flowing way (no structure necessary), without judgment of good or bad, make a list of all of your high energy experiences from the year. What felt uncomfortable, hard, inspiring, happy, confusing, sweet, lovely, empowering… Simply make a list of the experiences. Some folks put one experience on a page. Don’t struggle just let it flow. If you feel like it’s hard to remember, take a deep breath/ stretch your body long, open your heart by opening your chest and think back month by month. Let this take however long it takes. When you are done, feel the blessings of all you got to experience,,, especially the hard stuff because that taught you so much.

Step 4: Either same day or in your next time block… Go back to each experience, read it, soak it in and ask yourself two questions, what did this teach me about myself and why did I need to learn it? Then write out the answers to those questions.

When you are doing this one, try to drop the blame. To create change, we have to take 100% responsibility for ourselves. Blaming others is just a way to stay distracted and disempowered. Instead celebrate your new awareness. Feel the freedom you get from letting the lessons come through.

Go out breath some fresh air, treat yourself to a non-sabotaging experience… read, listen to music, take a hike, have coffee with a friend. Celebrate you!!!

Step 5: Either same day or in your next time block….On a new piece of paper, ask yourself, why does making change matter to me? What’s in it for me? My family? This becomes the inspiration you can draw on to create changes when you are ready. Most people do tasks…. They get it done, but if there is no connection to why it matters, they aren’t likely to stick with it. You need to understand what your why is.

When you are done, read it over as many times throughout the end of the year as you need to to soak up the meaning. It’s such a gift to scrape the chips and bubble before you paint on your shiny new layer in 2020!!


I’m hosting my annual Ideal Year Workshop on January 25th at The Bridge Healing Arts Center in Farmington CT, where we’ll take this work further and also learn the most impactful ways to create the changes you’re wanting to make in your health, weight, relationships, career, mindset for more fun and success in 2020 and beyond!

You've done so much work already! Don't work harder in 2020 than you need to experience and feel what you've always wanted...

Join us for the workshop and start your year calmly, clearly and committed to feeling good forever instead of suffering to learn your lessons the hard way. It’s a fun day and it would be great to have you there.


Subscribe now to receive your copy of my 5 Step Morning Routine for Thriving so you can create your day for success!  

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