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5 Tips for Mindful Holiday Eating

Stay on track with your health goals throughout the busy holiday season


Did you know that you make roughly 200 decisions about food every single day?  

We tend to think of the big decisions like when or what to eat, but within those simple questions there are hundreds more!  

It can feel overwhelming, especially if you are trying to be health conscious. This time of year can feel particularly hard with holiday treats, travel and take out.  

Here are a few mindful eating tips to help you stay on track with your health goals throughout the busy holiday season:

  1. Drink more water ~ boring but true, half your body weight in ounces per day can give you more energy and help you manage portion size. Mostly we are dehydrated and not hungry.

  2. Before heading out to a party or restaurant, have an apple or a small handful of nuts to take the edge off your hunger to avoid overeating and drinking. 

  3. Balance your plate to stay on track with your nutrition ~ 1/2 for colorful vegetables and whole grains (if you eat quinoa or brown rice), 1/4 for protein, and 1/4 for healthy fats that you can add on like olive oil for your salad, nuts, seeds or avocado. 

  4. When your food arrives and before digging in, pause and take 3 deep breaths to make mindful choices of how much to eat and to savor every bite.  You'll eat less and enjoy more!

  5. Hold yourself accountable by keeping a food log ~ not to judge yourself harshly but to make modifications if you see you're missing key ingredients like vegetables or having too much sugar.  


"What should I eat?"  is one of the most popular questions I get asked.

There is a lot of conflicting general information about what's "right or wrong" which makes it hard to navigate, change and stick with healthier eating.  

I'll be sharing the most impactful food-related changes you can make in the new year to reach and sustain your health goals at the Ideal Year Workshop on January 25th. I'll also help you get crystal clear about what matters most to you and how to prioritize your day, week and month to have an Ideal Year. 

Commit now to living your ideal life in 2020 so you can relax for the rest of the year knowing you're taking care of it. Register today, or click here to see all the details.


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