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Structure your day for peaceful productivity

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Discover how you can design your schedule to ignite the energy you want to feel.

Here we are in week 5-ish of “sheltering in place” or what I am now referring to as “growing in place.” A hot topic these days is how we’re spending, or not spending, our time. Without the structure of a set schedule that most of us were used to, some are getting less done while others are getting more done in their day. There is no judgment. If you feel good about where you are, fantastic. If you are feeling a little lost, are falling out of the habits that served you, like daily exercise, or are feeling less productive than you need to be, it might be time to get back to a routine. Open-endedness holds the illusion of feeling free, but if you don’t feel good about how you’re spending your time, are you really free from worry? Not usually. Your one important life is happening now.  Here are some ways to structure your day for peaceful productivity:

  • Start your day with a morning routine to get grounded into the energy you want to carry throughout and kickstart positive momentum.  My 5-step morning routine is a great way to get started. (Sign up at the bottom of this post to receive a free copy!)

  • Value your time: It’s very easy to take “time” for granted. A five-minute job could take you five hours. The outcome wouldn’t necessarily be better. It might be a waste of 4 hours and 55 minutes, when you could be doing something that matters more to you. Instead, value your time by...

  • Time blocking all your activities: Personal time is important time!  It gives you the energy and perspective to be successful. Balance work and play. If you don’t have one, get a planner or use the calendar on your phone to set appointments for everything you want to accomplish in your day. Start your day at the same time every day, schedule time for meditation, exercise, preparing and eating healthy meals, work hours, relaxation, quality time with family and friends and a consistent bedtime. Within your typical work day, schedule breaks to move around and change your scenery for new energy and perspective. If you aren’t working, pick a few projects each day and schedule them into your typical work hours to feel productive and take advantage of this time.

  • Set alarms and reminders to stay on track with these activities throughout the day.

  • Energy creates energy: The choices you make are creating your life. If you aren’t filling your day with the kind of energy you want to be in like joyful, content, playful, inspired, productive, you won’t get to feel the way you want to feel each day.  When you are making your way through your daily agenda, be sure to start each hour feeling the way you want to feel in that time block.

  • Notice when you are resisting structure:  If your daily agenda is feeling too constricting, don’t abandon it!  You may not have enough time set aside for things you enjoy.  Fun matters and needs to be on your schedule too.  

This is your one life.  There are no should’s except to social distance, wash your hands and try not to touch your face right now. Keeping an eye on each other feels important too, but that’s just my opinion.  The rest is your choice to do and feel the way you want to feel.  You have much more control over how you feel than you may have believed. It's your unrealized super power.  I hope returning to a routine and setting up your schedule ignites the energy of how you want your day to feel. 


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