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Quick Relief From Worrying

Here's a simple strategy to shift out of negative thoughts, fear and worrying

We recently did a poll of the EPW community to understand what topics you were wanting to hear about and how you wanted to receive new information. There was an overwhelming response with one particular topic that people wanted information and tools for: how to manage mindset, and in particular, managing getting stuck in negative thoughts, fear and worrying.

I know it's been a really hard time for this, especially lately. Whether it's during times of a health or economic crisis, or any other time you're stuck in your head, I know it can be really frustrating and in some cases it can be crippling physically and emotionally.

I was a world class worrier when I was young. So in addition to the science, I also have the personal experience to back up what I’ll share on this topic!

Today I’d like to share a simple strategy that will give you some instant relief. I do realize that simple isn't always easy, but we get better and better and better when we practice. So I’ll share the strategy first and then give you an assignment to help you practice your way into relief.

The strategy is called daydreaming and it has the power to change how you’re feeling quickly. Here’s why:

  • We get stuck because we don’t have all of the information we need to solve the problems we are thinking about.

  • We try to create certainty in our mind where it doesn’t exist by making up stories, piecing together all of our various assumptions and perceptions. But none of it is true so we spin out going over the information we do have over and over and over again.

  • It can be endless and we can suffer massively in worry which can make it hard to sleep or even live our daily lives the way we want to.

There is so much more to say about all of this and how the brain works but I want to jump to a solution to give you some relief and that is to daydream about something better:

  • 85% of what you are thinking about isn’t true…it's it’s better to shift your feelings by daydreaming about things that feel better.

  • Consider that you rehashing information in your mind is like you flailing around in’s only going to make it worse. Daydreaming is the lifeline out of the quicksand of your mind.

  • Close your eyes, keep them open, it doesn’t matter.. just create as vivid a picture as you can of an ideal situation..maybe it’s having closure on something..maybe your daydreaming of a vacation or spending time doing something you love.

  • The higher vibrational thoughts will pull you into higher vibrational feeling.

There are so many other strategies that I will be sharing over the next few weeks. In the meantime, practice daydreaming when you notice yourself spending more than 5 minutes stuck in worrying or overthinking something. Go out and get some better feeling thoughts and see what shifts for you.

Good luck and I’ll see you again soon!


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