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Love is the Answer

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Self-love is a powerful strategy for creating change in your life.  Here are 3 simple ways to get started.

Your most important relationship is with yourself.

As a Health + Life Coach, I have a lot of tools and strategies for helping people create and enjoy their ideal health, happiness and success. There are literally thousands! Because we are all bio-individually unique, there need to be.

However, the most powerful strategy that creates change for everyone is self-love. When we accept and love ourselves, we have the power to heal everything.  

With self-love everything else flows…confidence, generosity, fulfillment, compassion for others, understanding, gratitude, peace, ease, health, happiness, success.  

So why is it so hard to do?  

Because we are taught from a young age that it’s selfish to focus on ourselves.   That was fake news, friends.    

Here are three simple ways to get your self-love practice started: 

1. Start your day with gratitude ~ Not for what you have….for who you are.  Here’s a quick example:  "I love that I enjoy music" or "I appreciate that I am a good listener." 

2. Practice kind self-talk throughout ~ The words we use leave a lasting impression on our minds and hearts.  Would you EVER say the harsh things you say to yourself to an innocent four-year-old?  If it would crush them, it’s crushing you.  Repeat after me: I am enough.  I am worth it.  I am doing a great job.  I appreciate myself. 

3. Take yourself on a weekly soul date just to be and have fun ~ Make a list of the things that you used to love to do BYFF (Before You Forgot how to have Fun 😉).   It doesn’t even have to cost anything.  Maybe it’s time to read, hike, swim, see a movie? When you appreciate yourself, you appreciate others, so your soul dates are a win-win for your friends and family too! 

You are your most important relationship, the one that determines your connection with everyone and everything else.  So today and every day until the end of time, love yourself well. ❤️


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