The pandemic has disrupted our minds and bodies, upended our routines, and caused prolonged stress.

Are you ready to feel lighter?

Next session: June 7-28, 2021

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Lose weight, relieve inflammation, and get energized for Summer...

Over the last year of pandemic life, some of us have gotten out of our healthy habits that helped us feel our best.


We’ve never been through pandemic before, and with all of this our bodies have been impacted.  Many are feeling heavy and weighed down from the accumulated toxicity in our bodies and minds.

If you feel like you've gotten off track lately, now is the ideal time for a quick reboot as the world begins to re-open!

Join me for The Spring Refresh, a personal detox and habit reboot to help you lose weight, relieve inflammation, and get energized so you can look and feel your best this Summer.

You deserve to look and feel your best.

Join us to make a healthy new start.

The Spring Refresh
Detox & Habit Reboot 

with Ellen Palmer​, Certified Holistic Health + Life Coach

Next session:

June 7-28, 2021

Enroll by May 28
A Proven & Personalized
Detox Process


The Spring Refresh is a personal cleanse that helps you achieve results through the combined power of

detoxification and habit change you'll develop through our quantum group coaching. 


I walk you through the process every step of the way and provide personalized support and accountability throughout the program.

Plus, you'll get access to a wealth of resources and skill-building support so you can feel great and have the tools you need to sustain your results beyond Summer.

Image by Bill Oxford
Get relief & results
in time for Summer

Spring is the perfect time for a detox to:


  • Drop those extra pounds and inches

  • Clean up your diet and curb stubborn cravings

  • Find your mojo to get back into your workout routine

  • Boost your energy

  • Minimize seasonal allergies, inflammation, and day to day symptoms

  • Develop habits and results you can actually sustain

Are you ready to feel lighter?

Clean up your diet, change your daily habits and reduce the toxic load in your body

Did you know that detoxifying with clean food and plant-based herbal supplements is a natural process that has been used for centuries to help people look and feel their best? 


It provides relief from symptoms, clears your foggy mind, jump starts your weight loss and introduces you to healthy habits that provide improved energy.


Whether you are trying to lose weight and inches, kick your cravings for sugar, caffeine and alcohol, or take control of lingering headaches, skin breakouts or digestive issues, my safe and proven detox protocol is the fastest, most effective way to reset to wellness.

What is a detox?

  • A simple and easy way to help your body get rid of fat, harmful chemicals and toxins that come in through the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe and what is absorbed through your skin.

  • Eating simple, nutritious and delicious foods that are easy to digest

  • Helping your body deeply cleanse with a few specific natural supplements

Doing a detox does not mean...

  • That you don’t eat for 14 days

  • That you are in the bathroom eliminating toxins for 14 days

  • That it will be the hardest thing you’ve ever done


- Grace

The Spring Refresh

Hosted by Ellen Palmer
Life + Health Coach

What's included?

  • 1 one-on-one coaching session to discuss your goals and make modifications to maximize your results

  • 3 live group calls for coaching, skill-building, personalized accountability and support

  • Access to my newly-enhanced and expanded detox program, including an easy to follow schedule, shopping list, menu plans, recipes, and other materials that support your commitment to good health and conscious living

  • A full detox kit with natural, plant based, gluten-free supplements

  • Resources and guidance for continued success and sustainable healthy habits, including how to eat for best results in your day to day energy and ideal weight

  • Optional add-ons for enhanced support

What does it cost?

The Spring Refresh is packed with value:

  • 4 weeks of personalized coaching support (valued at $1250+)

  • Plant-based supplements designed to optimize your results (valued at $165)

  • Healthy and delicious recipes, menu and shopping list (valued at $250+)

  • Full access to my proprietary detox materials and program (valued at $300)

Total value: $1965+

Your investment: $700

What are the program dates?

Choose from 3 upcoming sessions to fit your schedule:

  • April Cohort - CLOSED

    • Meets Mondays April 19, April 26, and May 10 from 12-1 pm Eastern

  • May Cohort - CLOSED

    • Meets Wednesdays May 5, 12, and 26 from 12-1 pm Eastern

  • June Cohort - ENROLL BY MAY 28

    • Meets Mondays June 7, 14, and 28 from 12-1 pm Eastern

How do I get started?

Whether you're just curious or ready to sign up now, book a call with Ellen to get started.

This is a chance to ask questions and customize your program to meet your goals and optimize your results. You'll know if The Spring Refresh is a good fit for you. If it is, we'll get you registered, mail you your personalized kit and set up your coaching dates. 

Reset your weight and habits for a healthy glow this Summer!