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The Power of the Pause

A surprising strategy to find peace in the overwhelm

When you feel overwhelmed or unsettled, what do you do? Worry? Throw yourself into your work? Drink too much? Binge-eat your favorite foods? Binge-watch Netflix?…

No judgment—I’ve done those things too!  These distractions can help you avoid feeling. Maybe it’s “midlife” or menopause, perhaps it’s that the boys will both be in college this fall OR maybe I just want life to look and feel different, but change is in the air, and it has felt hard and overwhelming.  

I’ve asked myself why this is all happening now.  I’ve worried.  I’ve abandoned some of my healthy habits, which caused me to feel even worse.  

You know me; I’m a health and happiness junkie, so settling for feeling awful hasn’t been an option. I’ve had to dig really deep to feel peace in the emotional chaos.  The strategy I used might surprise you. Instead of distracting myself, I paused.   Instead of doing more to fix things, I paused Instead of talking, talking, talking to figure things out, I paused When I got quiet, the clarity came to me.

I have more peace. There is more calm.  Even though I still have fear about some upcoming changes, I feel better.

The power of the pause helped me get clear that I am committed to more peace, ease, love, connection and fun, whatever that looks like.

I share this with you because I know we all go through scary times of transition.  Oftentimes instead of getting quiet to let the issues surface, we distract ourselves to avoid feeling.  

I get it—sometimes it feels more convenient for you and the people in your life to avoid feeling and making changes.  

If you find yourself in this spot too:

· Pause and get quiet

· Take some deep breaths

· Find the place in your body where you feel the discomfort and breath into it

· Let yourself relax

Energy creates energy.   Calm creates more calm where clarity can show up for you instead of struggling to find it.  

All this discomfort helps you get clear about what you want.  It’s all a blessing. 

What to do next? The bridge to feeling better is your willingness to commit to feeling better.


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