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The Formula for a Life You Love

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

It all starts with clarity.

Life is fascinating. There are ups, downs, twists and turns and so much of it can feel like it's out of your control. Especially these days.

And yet....there is also so much you can control. That is what you focus on to create a life you love.

The formulas for more energy, comfort in your body, ease in your relationships and balanced success are all the same:

Clarity + Skill + Practice + Love

You have access to all of these every day. You CAN control these variables.

You are not limited by your past. You are not limited by what's happening around you. You are limited by your level of clarity. Clarity ignites everything else in the formula!

Do you know what you want in your life? Do you have the skills to get there? If not, you are not alone!

Especially in times of uncertainty, it's hard to think, feel and live beyond the perceived limits. Instead, we want to shut down and just get by with the coping skills we already have. That feels safer for sure but... is that the life you actually want to live? If so, carry on. If not, stop settling.

This is your year to break out of the habits and patterns that have kept you stuck. Even if it feels hard. As Glennon Doyle reminds us in her book, Untamed, "you can do hard things."

Here is a quick exercise to help you get clear: If you only had 365 days to live, what experiences would you commit to and how would you want them to feel?

Don't overthink it....just daydream and write it down.

If you want things to be different in your life, you have to get clearer about what you want and then take inspired action to create it.


Are you ready to enjoy the health and happiness you've always wanted? I'm here to help you create your ideal life, one step at a time. Reserve your complimentary consultation today to explore what's possible for you!

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